NEWS UPDATE — Stan, LZ1GC/H40GC is still on Temotu and will be not be home anytime soon. His flight from Lata, Temotu to Honiara on Saturday was cancelled due to the eruption of Tinacula volcano. Volcanic ash is dangerous for flights. Since last Saturday there’s been no flights so Stan has again erected antennas for 160/80/40 and is again QRV.

Stan goes on to say:

“What will I do if I stay here for 10 days or more? I will finish my cash money! And then? There is not any ATM or bank! Also, I lost all my connections for my flights back home! I think that my problems are just starting now. I will have many hard days in the near future! The Solomon Airlines not look for me, they don’t give me any information! I ask them to pay me accommodation for cancelled days – they answered me:
‘No comments’! I visit everyday the local office of the Solomon Airlines, but every day receive answer: “Tomorrow will be not any flight “!

[tnx DL7VEE for this news update]

Tinakula volcano

APRIL 20, 2017 — Stan, LZ1GC informs his next activity as H40GC will be for 3 weeks between 30 September and 20 October 2017. Airline tickets already purchased. QRV “non-stop style” on all bands (160-10) SSB, CW, RTTY & PSK. More info soon here

JANUARY 20, 2017 — Stan, LZ1GC will again be active from Temotu Province as H40GC between October 3-17, 2017. QRV on all HF bands; CW, SSB, RTTY. QSL via Club Log OQRS. QSL info is also via LZ1GC (QRZ.COM). The log will be also on LoTW after end of DXpedition. Website