UPDATE: Ralph 5W0W / H44RK is planning an IOTA tour starting the 1st week of June 2013. He will be joined by SQ9KWW Dom and H44MK Maggie (the only local YL Ham). They are applying for the callsign H40IOTA.

Their plan is to activate (in order) the following IOTA’s.

New Georgia OC-149.
Russell Islands OC-168.
Solomons OC-047.
Rennell Island OC-127.
Stewart Island OC-285.

Of special interest to IOTA chasers is OC-285 Stewart Island, having never been activated.

After the activation of OC-285, Ralph will continue solo to Brisbane (aboard SV Hafskip) with a view to activating the following IOTA’s.

Reef Islands OC-065
Nendo Island OC-100
Vanikolo/Utupua OC-163
Torres Island OC-110 (YJ – Vanuatu)
Banks Island OC-104 (YJ – Vanuatu

Ralph and the team will be donating much needed supplies and solar lighting packs to each chief of the island villages they operated from. Therefore, they are requesting donations for the Expedition, and look forward to you being a part of this trip, whether it be small or large to help support those most in need.

Please contact Ralph at ralph.honiara[at]gmail.com which is also the paypal address. They are also looking to take onboard one proficient CW operator for the OC-285 leg of the journey.

All QSL request via QSL manager NR6M.

*Initial breaking news here and here.