Between the 21st of July and the 3rd of August, the Stirling & District Amateur Radio Society is hosting the special event station GA14CG (Golf Alpha One Four Commonwealth Games), to celebrate the Commonwealth Games which are being held in Glasgow, Scotland.

The event has been by organised by the Stirling & District Amateur Radio Society and will be operated by its members, along with the support of GMDX, Scotland’s DX Association and other clubs in the local area. Visitors are most welcome to the station between the hours of 10am and 4pm daily and licensed amateurs who visit are welcome to operate.

The activation will consist of 3 HF stations and 2 VHF stations and activity is expected from 1.8MHz through 144MHz; using SSB, CW and Data. Skeds can be arranged on request.

The callsign is expected to generate a lot of activity and a target of 20,000 QSO’s has been set for the duration of the 14 day event.

Expect a large presence and regular updates on Social Media, by following the Twitter account @GA14CG or by ‘liking’ the Facebook page, GA14CG. More information, including an option to book an operating slot, is available at

Logs will be uploaded to Club Log regularly and QSL is preferred via LoTW and e-QSL. If you require a paper card, you may request a card direct or via the bureau using Clublog OQRS.

For more information, contact GA14CG Team Leader Adam, MM0KFX at: [email protected]. Alternatively, e-mail [email protected] for any other inquiries during the operation.