I recently chatted with the Head of Radio and Frequencies in Djibouti. I had made acquaintance with this gentleman while organising and planning the ill-fated J20DX Dxpedition in 2019. We also met while on the ground in that country as he tried (in vain) to help us with our local issues, so we struck up a fair rapport back then.

Few days ago, I learned that the Head is now trying to create a new Association of Radio Amateurs in Djibouti in order to be of a service to local and international radio hams who may want to operate in his country. His main goal is to be able to create all possible links to facilitate radio amateurs and to have a good stay, but he must firstly finalise all the possible steps to develop the new association.

Let’s hope this opens the doors to future J2 expeditions without the hassle both J20DX and the recent German team encountered.

Will update when I hear more.

Col @ DX-World