Michael, G7VJR (owner of Club Log) has closed comments on his article, but we are interested in the findings. Is FT8 the game-changer many speak about or the hobby-busting devil others despise?

Since the era of FT8 is of particular interest, here is a closer look at the period from just before FT8 to the present day. The data is plotted using a 60-day moving average again, and the FT4 ‘blip’ in the “Other” line is easily noticed. FT8 accounts for over 60% of activity, although on the 50MHz band the figure is nearly 85%.

Club Log activity report – 2021 update

PS: Although our preferred mode survey did not generate that much interest (it’s not too difficult to click an option 🙂 ) we still saw a pull towards CW over other modes used in the period 2016 to present day which slightly goes against the Club Log findings, however their data is far superior to ours and there’s every possibility people voted with heart and not mind.