Guest post by Marc, DO4DXA

More and more stations and DXpeditions are using the new FT8 mode.

It’s a great mode, but there has to be some improvement in the operating procedure (with the current software) when working DXpeditions or rare DX stations in general.

When there are a couple callers at the same time on the same frequency in FT8 it’s nearly impossible to decode anyone.

So when working “DX” we all know people should use “split” from time to time & now the problem starts. In WSJT-RC2, when the caller clicks on a different QRG in the spectrum to call split, the software starts to call the DX in split mode, but when the software replies with a report the frequency changes to the simplex QRG of the DX station. The result is that the DX station will not copy the report because of all the other callers, even when someone started calling in split mode.

So what could we do and how to prevent this?

The easy solution in a FT8 pileup is using XIT: Do some operators remember for what that XIT knob is made for? 🙂

XIT : Xmitter Incremental Tuning is the ability to shift the transmit frequency of a transceiver away from the receive frequency. The callers click on the DX station to work him BUT they should use their XIT to change (shift) their TX frequency up or down. No matter how much 100Hz, 120 Hz, 150Hz, 300Hz, 500hz up or down whatever. In this way using XIT the TX frequency will not be changed by the WSJT-RC2 software only by the radio and then it’s easy to work split in a FT8 pileup!

73 Marc DO4DXA

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