NEWS UPDATE – Mehdi, F5PFP informs that David FT4YM will again be QRV from Antarctica during the next summer campaign (December 2022 to March 2023). During the period, activity from the following bases could occur: 

  • FT4YM: Base Dumont d’Urville, Petrels island.
  • FT4YM/P: Base Concordia.
  • FT4YM/P: Base Little Dome C.
  • FT4YM/P: Base Cape Prud’homme.


After his quick activity as VK0/FT4YM, David is now on his way back home. He went to Antarctica having been informed a few days before departure, and friends of the the French Polar team helped provide radio gear at last minute. Unfortunately, a limited output power and a heavy QRN at Concordia base prevented a large number of QSOs. As multi-skilled employee, he’s an experienced and useful man for the French Polar Institute, that’s why we are hopeful of hearing him again down South for the next Antarctic summer campaign(s) amplifier ! The QSL cards should be printed in a few weeks time. [Thanks F5PFP


David FT4YM/P has completed his work at Little Dome C and is now back to Concordia. Unfortunately, a machine generated a S8 QRM and the power supply only provided 11V forcing him to use 50watts; that’s why he only made a dozen QSOs in 2days. He said “Headphones on my head, I gave auditory reports through a S8 QRM level, it was just like hell but I have made my best”. [thanks F5PFP]

DECEMBER 12, 2021 – Here’s a preview of both the FT4YM and FT4YM/P QSL cards. 

NOVEMBER 16 – David has recently been active on 20 SSB (check 14133 or 14140 time to time) from Base Concordia. In early to mid-December, he will move to Base Little Dome C.

Credit: Polar DX Group – Facebook.

NOVEMBER 5 – From November 2021 to February/March 2022, David F4FKT will QRV as follows:

  • FT4YM – Base Dumont d’Urville, Petrels island (AN-017)
  • FT4YM/P – Base Concordia
  • FT4YM/P –  Base Little Dome C
  • FT4YM/P –  Base Cape Prud’homme

QSL via F5PFP.