During the last months we have been very glad to present our DX expedition on Tromelin Island, FT4TA in a large number of countries. We have shared with many of you this amazing adventure during DX conventions, meetings and hamfest. Each time, our team has been warmly welcomed, thanks.

In addition to our book (available online since a few months), we are very proud to announce the publication of the video “FT4TA Tromelin 2014” on You Tube. You will (re)discover the beautiful landscapes of this extraordinary island.

The Tromelin chapter is now history and we focus 200% on Juan de Nova 2016. You can trust in our team to make this project a new success.

Soon more communications will follow, adding more details about pilot-stations, organization, logistics, etc.

In the meantime you can follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and the most important, support us through a donation on our website.

All links below :

Book in French : http://blur.by/1KGFCIT

Book in English : http://blur.by/1LziqfS

Video Tromelin FT4TA : https://youtu.be/D-ig1VU5Jxk

Support Juan de Nova 2016 : http://www.juandenovadx.com/

Twitter : http://twitter.com/juandenovadx

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/juandenovadx

73’s de Seb F5UFX, Team Leader