All the material deposited and grouped at PROSIC (see below) by F5RQQ and F4FTV on Saturday, April 13 was taken care of by our carrier DHL yesterday. The two packages will be sent by plane in a few days to Mayotte, which Marek FH4VVK (FT4GL) will receive.

  • [APRIL 14] – Translated / pictures from official blog:

On March 15, 2024 we officially announced the FT4GL operation after receiving the license from TAAF, despite a first refusal in 2023. In less than a month, the team in charge of supporting Marek FH4VVK, succeeded in its objective of mobilizing international aid, by individual, associative and professional sponsors, in order to acquire the equipment, test it, organize the logistics..a lot of work in addition to our jobs, stress, questions, joy… but we have arrived at this new stage. Yesterday, Jean-Marc F5RQQ and Fabrice F4FTV went to our main sponsor PROSIC – F5HPE, who supports this operation with dedication. Their trip consisted of bringing the rest of the equipment, part of which was already at PROSIC, in order to crate 90% of all the stations. The material will be sent tomorrow by plane to Mayotte, which Marek FH4VVK will receive in the coming days. F5RQQ and F5TVL will go to FHN in a month to help Marek finalize certain technical points and give the last organizational instructions before his flight to Glorieuse. Thanks to everyone who trusted us and helped us so far, the work is not finished.

  • [APRIL 11]

This week F5TVL and F5RQQ created and tested the 160 and 80m low band vertical antennas, a great day of work to cut the many radiaLs of the two antennas which will be installed in an inverted L. [source

  • [APRIL 8]

Last weekend F5RQQ, F4FTV, F5TVL as well as other members of F4KLW; F4FHV and F4IPL came together to prepare and adjust the vertical antenna planned covering 40 to 10m. This week the 160 and 80m vertical antennas will also be tested and at the end of the week the majority of the equipment will be sent to our carrier. [source

  • [APRIL 2] 

The team received the validation certificate for LoTW yesterday. Blog link below:

  • [MARCH 30]

Good news for 6m / 50Mhz fans: FT4GL will also now be QRV on the Magic Band, propagation permitting.

  • [MARCH 19]

Official FT4GL blog is now available. Click on the banner below. 

  • [MARCH 15] –

We are pleased to announce to the international community, with the agreement of the French Southern and Antarctic Lands, an upcoming amateur radio activity will take place from May 24 to June 19, 2024 on the island of Grande Glorieuse – callsign FT4GL.

This operation, planned for more than a year with a lot of effort, has finally been rewarded. It will be atypical and difficult because the Glorieuses are ranked 7th in the DXCC Most Wanted List, and the amateur radio traffic will be carried out exclusively by a single radio amateur, Marek FH4VVK in parallel with his professional duties. We will inform you regularly about the progress of preparations. 

  • [JUNE 7, 2023]

Mark, FH4VVK will be active from Grande Glorieuse, Glorioso Islands as FT4GL later this year.  Support team: F5IRO, F8CRS, F5RQQ. QSL via F4FTV. Check QRZ.com for further updates. A website will be available once dates are firmed up.