[UPDATE] – Here’s another update courtesy Rado, OM7ZZ

April 8th we came back from Saba and Statia to Saint Martin with activity on FT8/FT4 from FS. As planned I was active as PJ6/OM2ZZ with KX2 and EFHW antenna on April 15th. I made +120 QSOs. We arrived to Statia on 15th evening and built the antenna and IC7300. We were active on FT8 / FT4 modes, but also on CW. April 19th we will be on St. Barthelemy, from where I am planning to make some QSOs as FJ/OM2ZZ from the beach with KX2 and EFHW antenna. On Thursday we will be on Anguilla Island where we will be active as VP2EOM.

Michal PJ5/OM2ZZ

Michal OM2DX, Katka OM2ZZ XYL and Rado OM2ZZ

PJ5 Vertical EFHW antenna for 14/18/21/24/28 MHz

KX2 with big guns. St. Kits and Nevis (V4) in distance

Michal helps with antenna for PJ5/OM2ZZ WWFF activation

Rado PJ6/OM2ZZ

[APRIL 15] – Rado, OM2ZZ provides a brief update so far, along with photos:

We arrived Saint Martin according to plan. We are transmitting mainly on digital modes (FT8/FT4) from FS. Thursday, I activated WWFF FFF-1245. I made 115 QSO on 21/28MHz with KX2 / 10Waats and EFHW antenna. On Friday was QRV as PJ7/OM2ZZ with KX2 about 80 QSOs from the beach. Saturday we are moving to PJ6 and in the evening to PJ5. We will be on the air from both.

Rado FS/OM2ZZ from WWFF FFF-1245

Michal OM2DX (Left) and Rado OM2ZZ (Right) configuring the NB for FT8 mode

Michal FS/OM2DX

Rado PJ7/OM2ZZ from the Fort Amsterdam

Rado PJ7/OM2ZZ from the Beach

[APRIL 11] – For Anguilla activity at the end of the trip, Rado OM2ZZ will sign VP2EOM – that callsign has now been confirmed. See updated plans below: 

[MARCH 31] – During April 12-21, Michal OM2DX, Rado OM2ZZ and his XYL will be visiting and operating from the following islands:

Rado OM2ZZ says:

Our “home” QTH will be Saint Martin Island, and the plan is to visit and activate some of the nearby islands and WWFF localities. On Saint Martin and Saint Eustatius we will have 100W radio with vertical EFHW for 14 – 28 MHz. For the WWFF activations I will use Elecraft KX2 / 10 Watts and EFHW vertical antennas for 14 – 28 MHz. I am still working on my VP2E license, and hopefully I will get it on time. Plan can change on the spot. This is not a DX pedition, but a holiday. QSL via OM2FY.