Last weekend the International DX Convention in Visalia, California took place. Rich, KY6R attended and sent out (via his blog) his interpretation of what was said during the DXCC Forum. We display key points (unedited) below:

  • KosovoThe panel basically said that Kosovo calls into question what defines an “entity”. They admitted that this is an imperfect situation, and that if we just reverted back to using real “countries”, somewhere around 50 entities would have to be completely removed from the list. The audience did not like that. But they also mentioned that adding Kosovo opens up a real can of worms – so IMHO – don’t expect it to be added any time soon. Changing the definition of what an entity is to add in one entity like Kosovo would really cause a ripple effect.
  • Remote OperationsIt’s clear that no matter what is considered, Remote operations rules (like running legal power) simply cannot be enforced, and it is really a matter of whether or not a person has the conscience to follow the rules or not. However, a few rules will most likely be changed – for example – the use of remote where say – you are on business in Beijing, and you remote into your US station to work a DX-pedition. Under a rules change – it would be allowed – currently it is not.
  • Kingman Reef – Don’t expect it to be Deleted – at least for several years. When I asked about its status, the DXAC said:
    i) There are no rules that cover what happens when an entity disappears because it is under water, and what “under water” means. They said nothing could happen until and unless they added in a rule to cover this.
    ii) They also said “What if it comes back?” (My response was “What if Maria Teresa Reef comes back?”)
    iii) Finally, they said that they wished that they could convince me to try to activate it. My answer was that it had been rumored that it would be deleted since 2000, and that even though a couple of teams have looked into activating it – one team estimates it would cost $180K to activate it said it wasn’t worth bothering with – and instead would most likely activate another rare KH based entity.