[QRT] – Georg let’s us know that his short activity as FP/DK7LX is now over and he’s on the way home. He made approx 1000 QSOs in CW, mainly on 10m with some on 12m too. QSL cards will be available soon, and the log has been uploaded to Club Log, says Georg.

[APRIL 19] – Georg updates to say he’s in FP-land for a few more days. His visit is mostly work related so will be on air only occasionally. Log is being uploaded to Club Log. No LoTW. No FT8.

[APRIL 17] Georg, DK7LX is currently active as FP/DK7LX from St Pierre and Miquelon NA-032. QRV on HF bands, CW. QSL via home call, Club Log OQRS.

NOTE: Georg was previously active as FP/DK7LX along with FP/F5TJP in September 2018.