From EU Pilot Station – MM0NDX

Hello to all Dxers!

I would like to use DX World as a platform – in my capacity as EU Pilot for K9W – to outline a few points.

Wake Island is #14 on Club Log’s most wanted list – for sure this will generate huge pileups during the entire DXpedition. For Europe, in particular, this DXCC entity is extremely wanted and will be an All Time New One “ATNO” for thousands of us, not withstanding operators who need Wake on various band slots.

Shortly after the expedition begins I expect emails to come pouring in suggesting the team do this or informing they do that. This is typical of a major DXpedition. I will collate all relevant info and send a daily digest format to the Chief Pilot, NV9L. It’s assumed more than one daily digest will occur.

Please do understand if I do not reply to your email – I am not ignoring you. Rather,  my inbox is full with comments / suggestions / remarks similar to ones already received – and will be added to the daily digest.

K9W intend to upload regularly to Club Log. If your callsign is not showing please make sure you have recorded all relevant QSO details. Do not contact the Pilot regarding bust calls; this is not helpful. At the end of the DXpedition, the team leader and QSL manager, will review busted calls, not Pilot stations.

Absolutely be aware the team will do their best – some exceptional operators form K9W. This is not a “NA-only” DXpedition. They are very aware just how wanted Wake Island is for EU.

Please do LISTEN during operations. Observe the Band Plan.

I look forward to your constructive feedback. Comments are also open on this post and will be used to inform /assist the team.

Good luck!