Dear friends,

Unfortunately, my mailbox is now blocked. I send info from alternative address The days of our activity have already begun on June 1. Unfortunately, so far few special stations are active. Our website service is very convenient for our purposes. The service administratoris Eugene Glukhov R4AS.

In order to upload the logs to website for all stations, you must first register. This can be done through the WWPass Passkey or regular registration with your email. I hope this does not cause any special difficulties. If you have any problems on the website please contact Eugene by e-mail .

June 5, licenses are available from the following stations:

3Z18FWC (Poland)
4A18FWC (Mexico)
5J18FWC (Colombia)
5K18FIFA (Colombia)
6V1FWC (Senegal)
6Y5SJ (Jamaica)
7S18FWC (Sweden)
7X2FIFA (Algeria)
8P0FIFA (Barbados)
8R1/FIFA (Guyana) not error
8S18FWC (Sweden)
9A18FWC (Croatia)
9Y4FIFA (Trinidad and Tobago)
A60FIFA (United Arab Emirates)
A61M/FIFA (United Arab Emirates)
A71FIFA (Qatar)
A91FWC (Bahrain)
AO18FWC (Spain)
AY0FWC (Argentina)
CN18FWC (Morocco)
CR2018FWC (Portugal, Azores)
CS2018FWC (Portugal)
CW18FWC (Uruguay)
DJ18FWC (Germany)
DK18FWC (Germany)
DT18FIFA (Korea)
DT18FWC (Korea)
DX18FIFA (Philippines)
E70FIFA (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
ER18FIFA (Moldova)
ES18FIFA (Estonia)
EV18FWC (Belarus)
G6XX (England)
GB18FIFA (North Ireland, 01.06.2018-28.06.2018)
GB18FIFA (Scotland, 30.06.2018-15.07.2018)
GB18FWC (England)
GI6XX (North Ireland)
GM6XX (Scotland)
GW6XX (Wales)
HB18FWC (Switzerland)
HD18FIFA (Ecuador)
HF18FWC (Poland)
HG18FIFA (Hungary)
HH18FIFA (Haiti)
HI0RCD (Dominican Republic)
HP18FWC (Panama)
HZ18FIFA (Saudi Arabia)
HZ18FWC (Saudi Arabia)
II9FIFA (Italy)
J32FIFA (Grenada)
KP4ES (Puerto Rico)
LX18FIFA (Luxembourg)
MB18FIFA (Scotland – 10,13,14 July)
MB18FIFA (Wales – 12 July)
OC18FWC (Peru)
OE18FIFA (Austria)
ON18FWC (Belgium)
OM18FIFA (Slovakia)
OM2018FIFA (Slovakia)
OU18FWC (Denmark)
PA18FIFA (Netherlands)
PJ2FIFA (Curacao)
PX18WC (Brazil)
PZ18FIFA (Suriname)
SB18FWC (Sweden)
SC18FWC (Sweden)
SD18FWC (Sweden)
SE18FWC (Sweden)
SF18FWC (Sweden)
SH18FWC (Sweden)
SI18FWC (Sweden)
SU18FWC (Egypt)
SX18FIFA (Greece)
TM18FWC (France)
UP18FIFA (Kazakhstan)
V218FIFA (Antigua and Barbuda)
VB18FIFA (Canada)
VK18FIFA (Australia)
VP9FIFA (Bermuda)
VR2FIFA (Hong Kong)
YB18FIFA (Indonesia)
YI0FIFA (Iraq)
YL18FIFA (Latvia)
YU18FWC (Serbia)
YW18FIFA (Venezuela)
Z30FIFA (Macedonia)
Z60FIFA (Kosovo)
ZA18FIFA (Albania)
ZL18FIFA (New Zealand)
ZZ18FWC (Brazil)

Possible the list will be added to the SES-stations from other countries.

73! Aliy Kuysokov – UA6YW, also RU18WC (Coordinator)

Download “Rules” in English and Spanish here