[By ON4WW] Twelve ham radio operators visited Clipperton Island in March 2000. The official ‘FO0AAA Clipperton Island’ video is produced by James Brooks, 9V1YC and available for free here.

Before the official video was released, I was asked to do presentations of this trip in local and foreign ham radio clubs. Frank ON1ACV helped me out to quickly produce a VHS video out of my own raw footage (Hi-8 film).

Twenty-two years after date, I started contemplating about digitizing this video. Frank – once more – and with the help of Tijs, came to the rescue. The VHS video master tape had become almost unusable. Luckily there was another usable tape, but the musical score had to be completely redone. Thanks Frank and Tijs!

We departed San Diego aboard the vessel Shogun on 22 February 2000 and arrived at Clipperton on 29 February after a 6 and a half day voyage. Radio operations commenced on March 2nd, 00:14utc and ended on March 8th at 18:05utc. Arrival back in San Diego was on March 14th, another 6 and a half day voyage.

Our website of those days is still online here thanks to Doug N6RT. Also a big thanks to our pilot stations Alex PA1AW and Jay W2IJ, and the crew of the Shogun. Our sincere thanks is extended to many more people, you know who you are and we’ll have a beer when we meet next!

Enjoy the movie!