Before activating Raivavae Island OC-114 in the Austral Islands group (FO/A), Wayne, KK6BT will first operate from the island of Bora Bora OC-067.

His call sign will be FO/KK6BT from Bora Bora and TX5W from Raivavae Island.

Because his VDA antennas and amplifier are being delivered directly to Raivavae, Wayne will be operating “vacation style” from Bora Bora. He will be working primarily SSB on 10 and 15 Meters, using a Buddipole antenna mounted above a 360 degree panorama of seawater.

He plans to be on the air from January 2 through January 5, 2015 from Bora Bora and then January 5 through January 11, 2015 from Raivavae Island.

Wayne’s focus from Raivavae continues to be on providing a new country or island to hams located in Northern Europe, especially in Scandinavia.

More details of this operation, including a band plan can be found at the TX5W website.

All QSL requests should be directed to the TX5W’s QSL manager, KE8G.