NEWS UPDATE – Cezar, VE3LYC says:

I exchanged some messages with Barry, KD6XU, and he indicated that all his operations from various atolls in FO have been and will be from his yacht, at anchor. He didn’t know about the IOTA program (how was that possible, hi), and as such he never indicated any of our references. I very briefly explained to him what IOTA is all about, and mentioned that operations from a boat at anchor won’t count toward IOTA credits. He understood, and indicated that in case he will have any land based activity he will let the community and us know.

[PREVIOUSLY] Currently sailing around French Polynesia, Barry FO/KD6XU has been active from Nuka Hiva & Fatu Hiva, Marquesas Islands. He will soon be heading to Tuamotu and then finally onto the Society Islands where he will again sign as FO/KD6XU. He operates CW mainly on 40-12m bands. Video below is of Barry and his yacht Ma Kai.