[NEWS UPDATE] – Below is a picture of the homebrew 10m antenna being used by FJ/SP9FIH. No more 12m activity is planned. The duo go QRT on November 14th.

[NOVEMBER 7] – Activity on 12m and 30m started. No longer any 20m operations. Since the garden is very small, there’s little space to allow many antennas. What space they do have, the ops use local material to improvise, ie a spade and broomstick for 12m as shown in picture. 

NB: In the picture, notice the big hill on left. That’s why they do not hear well stations from SA and VK/ZL short path. Long path to VK/ZL is OK!


Credit: SP9FIH


FJ/SP9FUY in action on 20m FT8

Credit: SP9FIH


Very nice location near beach but too small garden for all antennas we planed to put up. For now operation is only on 20m and in the CQWW contest it will be on 15m.

Credit: SP9FIH; SP9FUY

[OCTOBER 20] Janusz, SP9FIH and Lecky, SP9FUY will be active from St Barts as FJ/SP9FIH & FJ/SP9FUY during October 29 to November 14, 2022. QRV on 30m, 20m, 15m and 12m. Participation (FJ/SP9FIH) in CQWW SSB contest (15m SOSB). QSL via H/c. Website

* Janusz was recently active as SP9FIH/VP9.