Phil, K2LIO recently updated his QRZ page with the following:

My wife and I retired a few years ago, and have been spending the bulk of our time on the Island of St. Barthelemy, aka St Barth, in the Caribbean. Several months ago, I decided to get back on the air, having not let my license lapse over the years of inactivity. I contacted the guys at HRO and they set me up with a Xeigu G90 and an MFJ end fed wire antenna, and I’ve been active with that gear since December. I’m loving the G90, which does an amazing job with only 20 watts. My location helps, being surrounded by water and at about 600 feet above sea level. Look for me on 10, 15, 20, and 40, and if you hear my little pea-shooter, give me a call.