UPDATE from Georg, DK7LX who is currently active from St. Barthélemy as FJ/DK7LX until December 6, 2013.

“I have now activated a logsearch on Club Log. The data should be showing up in due course. I have also decided to offer OQRS/direct which shall only be used once this activity has come to an end.

I have had great openings to JA/Asia on 10 and 12 M and will keep listening in that direction daily from 21:30 UTC. Keep an eye on the cluster for QRG. There are some big DXPeditions under-way and I normally choose a clear frequency at short notice so that we all do not interfere.

I am happy to receive any condx-suggestion from e.g. ZL/VK and all other places via email. Feel free to write and I´ll try to be there. But since this is a holiday-trip I won´t be able to be on 24/7, the same applies for personal skeds. I only operate CW, yet there might be limited RTTY at the end. Please note that I am not an RTTY expert 🙂

Thanks for your attention and for the update on your second to none DX-WORLD site. Also thanks to the entire team at Club Log. You guys are all doing a great job!”