Vince, K4JC: “Thank you for publishing these stories. They’re great reading and I like that we can all help celebrate such a major milestone in one’s amateur radio experience! Here is my first contact story.”

I received my Novice license (KA3ALC) on May 13, 1978. My first contact was that evening on 15 meters with WB3KUH (SK)…all the way across town! The antenna was a 40 meter dipole (I still have the balun from it.)

For some reason I had acquired a Heathkit SB-401 transmitter but no receiver. I was itching to get on the air, so I called a nearby friend (Nic, ex-WB3JGX) and asked him to listen for me tuning up. He found me, so I asked him to lay the phone next to the speaker so I could hear if anybody responded to my CQ. Who says remote receivers are a new thing?

Have you a first QSO story or tale to tell? Maybe something funny or interesting? Get in touch!