Trident nuclear base on banks of the Clyde ‘could be designated as UK territory’ if Scotland votes for independence

Screamed the headline on the UK Daily Mail newspaper. Other media publications soon followed. Even the BBC got in on the act.

Soon DX forums and mailing lists were asking the question: Could Faslane be a new DXCC entity, in a similar vain to the UK Sovereign Base on Cyprus?

In short the answer is no.

Number 10 this morning said it was not “credible or sensible” to designate Faslane as sovereign UK territory in the event of Scottish independence. Downing Street later Tweeted: “This govt has not commissioned contingency plans over Faslane. No such ideas have come to Secretary of State or PM. They would not support them if they did.

So there we have it. Next time a DXer asks: “Did you hear about Faslane potentially becoming a new one?” – just link or copy above.