Reported earlier and quoted below by the Rebel DX Group (who know the island well), Severe Category 5 Cyclone Kevin is within “touching distance” of Conway Reef. On the current path, it’s feared total destruction of the reef may occur:

Cyclone Kevin, expected as category 5 (160mph or about 260km/h) will hit directly Conway Reef DXCC shortly. Waves should reach about 12 meters height. There is a possibility of total destruction over the surface of the reef sandbar. It means Conway Reef could disappear from the map. After the last massive deadly cyclone (Winston) hit Conway Reef in 2016, All the “green stuff / vegetation is not existing anymore and the island lost over half of its size. The fishing vessel wreck was moved over 400m away from south side of the reef and ended up on sandbar. Let’s see what will happen this time.