[NEWS UPDATE] – Bob, W9XY recently shared this news and pictures. We publish in full below (credit Bob for pictures)

President Ward Silver of the YASME Foundation released this great information in a press release about a week ago.
Here is what happened a day or two before Ken, K4ZW and I left Ethiopia: We had not disclosed details of this plan previously, but near the end of our trip, two government regulation officials from the National Communications Authority (NCA) in South Sudan flew to Addis to meet with Ken, myself, and members of the Ethiopian Amateur Radio Association, courtesy of the YASME foundation!

ET3AA operators Negatu and Nahom (senior members of the Ethiopian Amateur Radio Association), ET3AA operator Joe, Ken (K4ZW), and I made what we feel a very successful presentation. These technical officials (John and Jose) came to view ET3AA equipment, observe operations, and learn about student success stories of ET3AA. We also discussed possible formation and implementation of a new club station in Juba! With a new club station, it would give DX’ers another great opportunity to contact this “rare” country! It also gives great opportunity for students in South Sudan to learn about radio and take part in greater communications and technology skills.

Both John and Jose were very interested in our hobby, but there are still some formalities and a lot of work to do first. First, they will take this idea and meet with high security officials in the South Sudan government, and hopefully it will be approved. Then they will need to set up some type of licensing and examination structure, and update current communications regulations. If this whole project moves forward, Ken and I plan to remain in contact with John and Jose and assist them if they ask for direction on any certain things. They were very nice guys, and personally, I look forward to it!

Last, but FAR from least, I want to say how proud both Ken and I were to see Nahom, Negatu, and Joe take charge and demonstrate how everything works at their station. John even went “hands on” himself and made some contacts on FT8 (computer mode) while I explained where the stations were when he’d choose and contact them. In fact, it appeared that after our lunch and full afternoon meeting, John and Jose would have rather stayed with us to operate more and make more contacts themselves, rather than returning to the hotel for the evening! We are optimistic for good things to happen for all in Juba soon!


John and Negatu discussing the VHF (6M) antenna.


Rear: Bob W9XY, ET3AA op Negatu, Ken K4ZW, ET3AA op Joe. Front: Jose and John, South Sudan officals.

[JUNE 22] – Tomorrow, June 23, Bjorn, LA9IAA will be active along with Bob W9XY and students at ET3AA. He made a quick visit today. 

Bob W9XY & Bjorn LA9IAA

Bjorn LA9IAA @ ET3AA

[JUNE 22 @ 0900z] – Header picture above is courtesy Bob, W9XY who explains:

Negatu (l) and Nahom (r) wish to thank the GMDXA and NEWDXA radio clubs in Wisconsin. Through their kind donations, I was able to bring along some needed new tool kits and an Icom external speaker for the main radio. We will also be able to purchase two more office chairs on Saturday with the remaining funds. The previous ones didn’t last long as quality of things here isn’t always good.

[JUNE 21] – ET3AA is now up and running. One station dedicated to 6m, the other running various bands. Probably activity through the night (Addis Ababa time) on 30 & 40m. 

(credit W9XY)

(credit W9XY)

[JUNE 21 @ 1115z] – Bob, W9XY reports they’re having difficulty interfacing the second station that will be dedicated to 6m, so for now they use the IC-7300. Band is not open so far. Beam is pointed to Europe.

(Credit W9XY)

..and here’s the log periodic antenna at ET3AA club station.

(credit W9XY)

[JUNE 20] – Bjorn, LA9IAA is also currently visiting Addis Ababa and on Thursday he will join the local students, K4ZW and W9XY in operating activities, likely staying through the weekend. Bjorn operated from Rwanda in 2015.

[JUNE 19] – Bob, W9XY reports he’s not off to a good start.

Flight was fine, but chaos in baggage claim. Bags for at least 50 people didn’t make it on the direct flight from Atlanta to Addis. Both of mine are missing. Next flight from there not for two days.

[JUNE 11] – Ken, K4ZW and Bob, W9XY will return to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia during June 19-29 to again work with more students at EARS (Ethiopian Amateur Radio Society). QRV on HF bands; CW, SSB & FT8. QSL via N2OO. Recording below of recent visiting German op signing as ET3AA. 

[FEBRUARY 19] – Thanks to Bob, W9XY for letting us know that two new operators should soon be hitting the airwaves at ET3AA. They will firstly receive more training (and encouragement via Zoom sessions with Bob) before QRV.

Ops: Kijan (left) and Yonatan (right)

 [JANUARY 20] – (header picture credit Nodir EY8MM)

Our mission at ET3AA is over. We achieved main goal to help local ET3AA club to keep air activity. We shared our knowledge and passion to the Ham radio. We helped club members with our experience. We learn the beautiful World of Ethiopia culture and people! Time to say good bye to our friends! 

[JANUARY 19] – Here we have student operators Negatu and Nahom operating the ET3AA station today under the watchful eye of photographer & tutor Bob W9XY. Both ops will work all night at the station providing contacts on 30M and maybe other bands if open.

Op: Nahom
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[BY K4ZW, JANUARY 18] Things have been going very well. We’re closing in on 7000 QSO’s. It should be noted this is very much a team effort between the three of us and the ET3AA club members who are also operating and spending time at the station. It’s a real joy to be doing this together with our friends.

We’ve pretty much ruled out 80 and 160 meters because of the noise. It’s going to require a better solution. We’re making hay on the high bands and also having a lot of success on 30 meters including QSO’s to the west coast of the US. Nodir made the first ever 60 meter QSO’s from ET which was exciting. But the noise is a big issue on that band as well.

Tip of the hat to W3LPL for his alert of possible openings on 6 meters. We had a short, very focused opening to Europe yesterday. As mentioned, we’ll keep the second radio going on 6 just in case.

I’m not sure that we will be on the next two nights. It’s Epiphany tomorrow, a big holiday here. We need to allow our hosts some time with their families if they choose to do so. Our last day is Saturday.

Pictures show Nodir EY8MM with a student at the Addis Ababa Institute of Technology learning about amateur radio. Photos by Bob W9XY

Credit: EY8MM


6m station up and running today. Also local operator(s) under supervision of Bob W9XY making QSOs. Thanks to Bob for the pictures and video.

Local students and W9XY
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With new RX antenna noise down a bit, we will be on low bands tonight.

Credit EY8MM @ ET3AA



Continue fighting with the noise. It is far more stronger than guys had last visit. Only band with reasonable level is 24Mhz and we did some FT8/CW. Tried several RX antennas with no success. 60m vertical is up but noise floor is 59+. Few more RX antennas to try. University is very populated area and we hoping to bring one RX antenna on the maximum length of our coaxial stock. We hope that we can spend some time on low bands tomorrow even with high noise.


Working on RX setup. Hopefully one of the low bands will be activated today. We received SWL report from Germany on 6 meters.


First day at ET3AA. Antennas and station needs maintenance. Lots of maintenance. US team after long flight worked hard on station. Operated 12 m FT8 F/H. It allowed us to work on station and give New Ones. Noise is really bad. Low Bands might not be possible. I will work on this task tomorrow day and night. There’s a few very good DX Engineering RX devices. Lets hope for technology. We will do operation as we recover station. Local team helps a lot and we are optimistic. Tomorrow planning 30m station on evening either CW or FT8. Daytime expect 17 and 12m FT8 or CW. 60m operation still under study. Stay tuned.

[QRV] K4ZW, W9XY & EY8MM will be active from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia as ET3AA during January 14-21, 2023. QRV on various bands & modes. QSL via N2OO.