NEWS UPDATE – Eric is again active from Monrovia, Liberia. He currently uses a loaned IC-706MKII-G as his Kenwood TS-570 appears to have developed a fault. Eric has also rebuilt his antenna system which seems to be working well. 

AUGUST 10, 2020 – Eric, EL2EF got in touch with DX-World to say he is currently off-air (has been for 3 weeks) due to heavy rains bringing down his antenna system. He hopes to be back up and running next week. 

MARCH 27, 2020 – Here’s Eric today, self-isolating, using a Kenwood TS-570 donated to him by DX-World last year. He tends to be active on 15 & 20m depending on propagation. Look for EL2EF in this weekend’s CQ WPX contest as Eric will be search and pounce.

NOVEMBER 5, 2018 EL2EF now QSL via N2OO. Logs are transcribed by N7CW and uploaded to LoTW by N2OO. See here also.

DECEMBER 2, 2017 — Eric is now active and has been making a few QSOs using an old Kenwood TS-120 and vertical. At the moment he is paper-logging but hopes to have a laptop soon. Thereafter, he will use the services of a QSL manager who will look after his log and QSLs. Remember, Eric is a new op and is still learning.

NOVEMBER 6, 2017 — Eric, EL2EF is a new ham radio operator from Liberia. He’s the nephew of Dickson, EL2DT and was recently active for the first time along with EL2EL & EL2GM.  So far he has limited operating experience and basic equipment but will soon be on air with a Spiderbeam pole / vertical dipole. QRX for his signals.