[UPDATE II] – AWESOME! 10 minutes after writing UPDATE I, step forward and take a bow Werner ON7WM. Thanks to your generosity, Eric will have a new headset! Thanks Werner – you’re a STAR !

[UPDATE I] – Personally, speaking on behalf of DX-World, this has really disappointed me — not one single offer of a headset or microphone for Eric. Not even more than one share on Facebook for a fellow op in need of a tiny bit of help.

I read about HUGE DX organisations happily supporting DXpeditions with thousands of dollars. I see mega $$ being donated by individuals to upcoming DXpeditions. But, nobody is bothered to help Eric?

While it is always at the discretion of others what they choose to donate to or support, 24 hours after a simple request for help for someone in our hobby less fortunate than many of us, it’s a sad state of affairs to see absolutely nothing of assistance, not even an enquiry as to how they could help.

It seems not even online ham radio stores have surplus or spare mic / headset? Is it really too much to ask supporting an operator in Liberia with a microphone?


[SEPTEMBER 10] – Back in 2017, DX-World gifted Eric EL2EF a Kenwood TS-570D and headset. The radio developed a fault but has now been repaired, however the headset no longer works and Eric also has no working microphone. Yesterday he took a short video showing the transceiver hearing well.


At the moment, Eric uses a loaned IC-706MKII-G, but would prefer to use the Kenwood TS-570D as it’s his own radio.  On behalf of Eric, DX-World is asking if any generous reader has a spare / surplus microphone or headset that Eric could use? If you are able to help, please get in touch with Col @ DX-World – a reliable postal address in Liberia will be provided. Thanks for your help.