Update from Cezar, VE3LYC – The trip to Pukapuka was a rare experience. However, I am thrilled to be back in Rarotonga, and cannot wait to fly home tomorrow.

I wish to thank Andy (E51AND), Johan (PA3EXX), and Milan (E51DWC) for their continuous effort to keep the chasers informed on the operation.

I had uploaded the log at ClubLog tonight. For the most part, I removed the dupes which occurred within minutes. Please email any report of errors, omissions, or any questions directly to me. I will check the information and reply to every message as quickly as possible.

Thank you and very kind regards,


MAY 24 – Cezar E51LYC is now QRT and has left Pukapuka Atoll for the long journey home.

He worked hard to keep the station on the air at all hours of the day and night — with lousy band conditions and daytime temperatures in the mid to upper 90s with HIGH humidity, and night times temperatures a chilly 87F!

He estimated about 5400 QSO after some of the dupes were removed and hopes to see over 2,500 unique call signs. He certainly tried to make sure that he made it with as many IOTA enthusiasts as he could.

Leaving Pukapuka today at around 11:30am local time (Z -10), he has an 1800km flight back to Rarotonga via Manihiki Atoll (OC-083) in a twin engine Embraer Bandierante — a 15 passenger plane limited to 8 passengers to allow enough fuel capacity for the long transpacific flight. He will overnight in Rarotonga and begins the 35 hour trip back to Toronto via Auckland and Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon.

He has had no internet in Pukapuka (it really is very remote!!) and plans to post his logs on or about May 27th.

I hope everyone that needed Pukapuka was able to make at least one contact. It was 22 years since the last operation and will likely be many more years before it is activated again.

73 Andy E51AND.