UPDATEE51AND/P will be active from Mauke Island OC-083 between June 10-13, 2014 and Mitiaro Island OC-083 from July 15-18, 2014.

May 22, 2014 – Andy, E51AND recently informed the IOTA_chasers group he plans to be active from Mauke island in June and Mitiaro island in July. Both islands qualify for OC-083.

Andy also mentioned he is trying to find a way to activate Pukapuka Atoll OC-098, but it’s difficult as the island is very remote (a 5 day sail each way) plus there are no scheduled flights or ships.

He’s looking at various ways to get there and thinks one option is to charter a vessel from KH8, American Samoa. If an international team is interested in joining Andy then get in touch with him at kiaorana[at]ymail.com for more info.