For the sake of interest, transparency and the fact ON4LG displays Ham Spirit:

Dear OM,
You made in the past a donation for the E44Y DXpedition (planned for March 2016). I must advice you that this expedition has been cancelled by Romeo S59M. In fact, Romeo simply gave up with the project without announcing it officially. I asked him several times to publish a note to the different dx media outlets but he never did so. Too bad!

I now personally take the decision to refund all of you. In a fair way. As Paypal already took transfer fees, don’t be surprised to receive less than what you originally sent. Very sorry about that, but that’s how Paypal works.

Be sure this bad joke won’t happen to me any more and I won’t be involved in any other activity organized by S59M. I sincerely regret this. Waiting for you eventual comments and with all my apologies for the delay, I send you my very best 73’s.
Fred ON4LG