Logbook & QSL Status UPDATE

Work on processing the E30FB QSL requests continues and I have an important update for you.

During the DXpedition the team experienced computer and network issues that could not be resolved on site A few days ago the laptops arrived back in Japan and the team have managed to get the raw logs to me for inspection. Around 1,000 QSOs that were missing have been recovered so far.

Action taken – These QSOs have been added to the log. QSL requests for both direct and bureau have been matched to the new QSOs found.

You DO NOT need to take any action other than check Club Log to see if your QSOs are there.

Please DO NOT email me at this stage as I am still working to recover more QSOs from the files supplied to me yesterday.

OQRS is open

Thank you.
Kindest Regards, Tim Beaumont MØURX

P.O. Box 17 Kenilworth Warwickshire CV8 1SF ENGLAND
United Radio QSL Management Bureau

E30FB went QRT at 0900 UTC on Tuesday. The team is now in Istanbul about to make their final travels home.

We are very happy that we were able to make approximately 62,500 contacts and to provide an ATNO for many DXers around the world. The E30FB team really enjoyed bringing you this rare activation of Eritrea.

Murphy was a constant companion on this DXpedition and impacted our antennas and computers. We beat Murphy back each time with skill and determination. You will be surprised to know that almost all CW was sent by hand keys.

Our QSL Manager is Tim-M0URX. If you wish to donate to help us offset our very high air cargo costs, you may donate via PayPal to jh1ajt@fgc.or.jp

The E30FB Team