Info from Emil, DL8JJ –

A dream of Laura Bergmann DL2JJ will soon come true! She wrote in her wish list at HAM Radio exam that she would love to visit Saint-Marcouf Island and play radio from there. Well, Laura passed the extra class exam and I (the Daddy) got the wish list and got to work on it. After 6 months of negotiations with the French government and responsible association and UNESCO, we finally got the permission to enter the island again and do a DXpedition from there: 20.09.2018 – 22.09.2018

F/DL2JJ/ P – Laura – SSB, DiGi
F/DL9JJ/ P – Verginia – DiGi
F/DL8JJ/ P – Emil – CW, SSB, DiGi

Bands: 80M-10M, CW, SSB, DiGi-FT8. Operation style: 24×7

We will be very happy if we can make radio contact with you.

PS: My XYL DL9JJ and I were already on the island in 2015. See movie here