By Ralph Fedor – K0IR

Access to some entities on the DXCC list has been hampered by the behaviour of previous DXpedition team members. This is not good. As an alternative, if we can add goodwill to the content of a DXpedition, we benefit others, enhance the image of amateur radio and DXing, make us feel good about ourselves, and pave the way for future DXpeditions. An opportunity to do a good thing presented itself during the  VP6R Pitcairn Island DXpeditioin planning. We asked the residents of Pitcairn, “What can we do for you? Make a list for us.” They responded.

The people of Pitcairn Island are not impoverished, totally cut off from the world, or without access to information. But some things you and I take for granted are just hard to get on Pitcairn. The list they provided us included lawn mower blades and belts, band saw guides and bearings, a quad bike fuel tank, pizza cutters, sanding and shaping discs, and some foodstuffs.

Our team also realized that at the time of our arrival there will some young people, between the ages of 2 and 12, on Pitcairn.. Our team members were given the opportunity to personally contribute some money to buy these kids some toys, crafts, games, and educational items. We did that and I went shopping. To the right is a photo of these items boxed, placed in our container, and now on their way to the people of Pitcairn Island.

As we’ve said again and again. We want this DXpedition to be fun. We want it to be fun for everyone, on both sides of the propagation path. And, we hope that knowing what we’ve doing will add to your own level of fun and enjoyment when you work us.

The Pitcairn Island DXpedition Team