Eagle-eyed readers may have recently noticed a comment left by Ron, KH6DV on the K5P Palmyra Island thread.

If you haven’t already seen, here it is broken down in part:

Johnston Island will happen in 2016 and thats another one everyone needs to work as the next expedition wont happen for some time and it’s the Palmyra crew that is planning the Johnston island trip, get used to them they are your only hope.

At this time I don’t know when in 2016 that KH3 will take place. We were scheduled to take the K5P crew from T32 to Palmyra but the FWS found out about a bug infestation on T32 and wouldn’t let them enter Palmyra from Christmas island so they made the aircraft available. The aircraft holds 9 passengers which is why 3 team members had to drop out.

When our part was cancelled the team leader said he still planned to use our vessel for Johnston later in the year. The team was focusing on KH5 and hasn’t commented on Johnston since. We are loading for Palmyra supplies now but will arrive just after the team departs so wont have a chance to speak with them till much later.

Thanks for alerting us, Ron.