During the end of April and continuing now, DX-World in partnership with Bart, SQ1K has been busy working on very stylish and high quality embroidered clothing, at affordable costs (including free worldwide postage). You maybe read about that previously here.

Early indications suggest many operators are very happy with their purchase, and new orders for caps, fleeces, hats, shirts or patches are coming in regularly.

Although DX-World makes no money whatsoever (not even a single cent) from this venture, sometimes we are in a position to sponsor or support major DXpeditions with iconic DX-World clothing. Read on below on how you can help future DXpeditions:


Here’s how you can support DXpeditions by simply wearing a DX-World item of clothing.

  • Get in touch with Bart SQ1K to order your clothing item(s).
  • Money raised from orders then goes towards providing future DXpeditions with DX-World clothing. 
  • Win-Win! You get to wear a fashionable DX-World garment.
  • DXpedition teams get a large parcel full of clothing items, thanks to orders. 
  • Christmas is also coming – grab some fine clothing now!