On January 15th, after one full month of voting, the “DXpedition of the Year 2012” survey closed. Thank you to everyone who participated.

Every forthcoming December, with the principle aim of being the standard bearer for such polls, DX World will run the “DXpedition of the Year” survey in recognition of all efforts and operating skills exhibited by various expeditions throughout a 12-month calendar year.

Max IK8LOV explains a few points, primarily on how the poll was conducted in a fair spirit, without duplicate votes, and overall voting numbers.

To avoid dupes, votes of “friends of friends” or even votes expressed by internet robots, we decided to adopt a new and “personalized” poll platform using some very strict vote-protection techniques such as email confirmation and Captcha. (We understand a tiny amount of operators had initial difficulty when creating a voting account due to Captcha, but it’s testament to this process that the poll is 100% clean).

Results evidently showed that voters had a very clear intention on who they’d vote for. Where did voters come from? The answer is quite simply almost everywhere! The poll allowed us to observe voters’ origin so we could see that all continents and the majority of countries / regions were homogeneously represented.

We are proud to announce that HK0NA – Malpelo has won the DX World – DXpedition of the Year 2012 poll. True recognition and hearty congratulations to all involved in that fantastic expedition.

Acknowledgement must also be made to 7O6T – Yemen who came runner-up. It was duly noted, at one point, this DXpedition was top of the leader board as votes were cast. A job well done indeed.