Just an update for readers who recall (or wonder) why adverts became visible on site earlier this year.

Since the beginning of March – through companies advertising – DX World has been in a position to donate to some IOTA DXpeditions. Very many organisations or clubs do not sponsor or support IOTA efforts; if they do it’s usually to rare, most wanted groups. This is where DX World decided to focus on sponsoring semi-rare IOTA activations as virtually no help is given to individuals or teams who attempt to activate island groups above 15-20% claimed.

Half a year has passed and I’m delighted and proud to announce that just under $3000 has been donated to DXpeditions, mainly IOTA. That is $3000 which was not available last year. DX World aims to continue to sponsor/donate throughout next year.

You can take a look here to see a sponsorship breakdown.

Tnx / 73!

Col, MM0NDX @ DX World.net

UPDATE, Roger G3KMA, IOTA Manager sent the following email:

This is an amazing initiative and deserving of great praise and appreciation from the IOTA Community. I have for long felt that there was very little financial support for the operations that fall just outside the “rare” category (worked by less than 15% of record-holders) and that this was bound to impact in a discouraging way on some worthwhile and much needed operations. With just this kind of financial assistance, some IOTA groups that would not otherwise see an operation will get activated. This is just what we want. Thanks a million.

I am passing a copy of this correspondence to the CDXC Digest for publication and will also put a note on the RSGB IOTA website drawing attention to this generous initiative.

Kind regards,

Roger Balister, G3KMA, RSGB IOTA Manager