In April 2021, NCDXF announced the creation of an award – “The DXcellence Award”– to be awarded to the outstanding DXpedition of the last 12 months, which received funding from NCDXF. The award is intended to recognize excellence in a DXpedition, exemplified by practices, ethics, management, transparency, impact upon the DXing community, and lastly exhibited FUN!

The winner of the award is determined by the NCDXF Board of Directors. The Board considers several factors, including performance, complexity of the DXpedition, and impact on Club Log’s most wanted ranking. Especially important are activities associated with humanitarian efforts and education.

On celebration of our 50th year of operation, NCDXF is proud to award its 2023 DXcellence Award to Thierry Mazel, F6CUK. Thierry is recognized for the outstanding performance of a well-organized DXpedition to Crozet, FT8WW, that had a significant impact on Club Log users’ totals from the #3 Most Wanted entity.

The NCDXF looks forward to other DXpeditions this year that will qualify for the next award in 2024. We are hopeful that many DXpeditions will be funded by NCDXF and qualify for this award. Congratulations to FT8WW on the second annual award!

The mission of NCDXF is to provide necessary financial support for well-organized DXpeditions to desirable DXCC entities and to support advances in DXpeditioning skills, technology, and infrastructure. Those funds come from the contributions of our supporters in the DX community. Your contribution will help make DX happen.

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Craig Thompson, K9CT
NCDXF Vice President