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[SOURCE] 4U1A – this is an Amateur Radio Club (ARCDXC). It is located in the Vienna International Center in Vienna, which is NOT Austrian, but an extraterritorial institution. However, the ARRL (DXAC) ignores this status for many years without a valid reason and does not recognize it as a separate DXCC entity, but recognizes it as part of Austria, thereby explicitly ignoring international agreements between the UN (where the US is a member state) and the Austrian government.

DXCC Status and 4U1A

For the sake of consistency, 4U1A should be accorded DXCC status.

  • There are only three United Nations “capitals” in the world — in Geneva, New York, and Vienna — with the privilege, normally reserved to countries, of issuing postage stamps.
  • Each of these UN “capitals” has an amateur station associated with it. The stations — 4U1ITU, 4U1UN, and 4U1A – have the United Nations prefix 4U rather than host-country prefixes.
  • UN authorities thus exercise authority in each of the three UN “capitals” akin to that exercised by countries through their national postal and telecommunication administrations.
  • For amateur radio purposes, the United States treats 4U1ITU and 4U1A as distinct from amateur stations subject to the authority of host-country telecommunication administrations. It has third-party arrangements covering 4U1ITU and 4U1A, but has no third-party agreement with Switzerland or Austria.
  • 4U1A, along with 4U1ITU and 4U1UN, counts as a separate country in various contests and for various certificates.

The only “argument” recalled in support of denying DXCC country status to 4U1A is that 4U1ITU and 4U1UN were “grandfathered in” and 4U1A was not. The gist of the underlying thought seems to be if we accord DXCC country status to 4U1A, we’ll be flooded by attempts to have similar status conferred on similar stations.

Such a fear is baseless because there are no similar stations. There are three and only three UN “capitals” and three and only three corresponding amateur stations in the world. There are no prospects for an increase in either. There should consequently be no difficulty taking, and standing by, a decision to treat all three stations, and only these three stations, in the same manner.

Despite the foregoing, 4U1A continues to be denied DXCC country status. This patently illogical and inequitable situation cries out for resolution, even if the unusual and regrettable step of overriding the DX Advisory Committee’s recommendation has to be taken. While almost everyone would agree that advisory committee recommendations should normally be followed — otherwise why have such committees?

— the ARRL Board of Directors would be remiss in carrying out its own duties as an elected body if it did not reserve to itself the right to reverse what it found to be a flawed finding by an advisory committee. A preferable path, of course, would be for the DXAC itself to reconsider the matter.


Should 4U1A be afforded DXCC status

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