In the first half of 2024, Gil 4F2KWT (previously DX0NE, Spratly) is looking at the possibility of an exploration trip to Bajo de Masinloc, Scarborough Shoal. 

This initial trip will be a solo effort. Plans are for two radios, two laptops and an amplifier. The Radio in Box (RiB) concept is being considered.

To make this DXpedition a reality, support and sponsorship is sought. Approximately $15,000 is needed to cover costs according to and after dialogue with maritime officials in the region. You can donate any amount to Gil at Please note: Should this expedition fail to materialize or hit a block, ALL donations will be refunded.

  • What is needed?

A 20ft outrigger boat is required, 50ft fishing boat rental also needed, local helpers, food / water, generators, fuel plus various other important equipment.

If you are interested in supporting Gil activating an extremely rare DXCC entity, please get in touch via Media Officer, Col MM0NDX.

* Scarborough Shoal / Reef is globally #4 Most Wanted DXCC entity.
** Dates still to be determined.
*** Callsign: DX0NES