MAY 28 – We know there’s a few interested readers who follow the progress of Sasstown United, so we’re happy to report the team won 2-1 against Bame today. It was their first ever win 🙂

PS: We didn’t quite envisage the DX-World logo to look like this on the team shirts (see picture above) but it will do for time being 🙂 Well done team. Celebrations below!

MAY 16 – We got word today that Sasstown United’s first ever game in the LFA Third Division ended in a 2-1 defeat! They were beaten by Waelabo FC. Video below is of Sasstown (pink tops, second strip with President George Weah printed on). There’s still 9 games to go in the league so fingers crossed they get their first ever win soon. 

MAY 12 – While DX news is thin on the ground at the moment, regular readers will be aware DX-World sponsors Sasstown United FC in southern Liberia (info on why below). Today we got word the team has successfully applied to join the LFA Third Division league which consists of 10 teams. This coming weekend sees all teams take part in the Opening Ceremony followed by Sasstown’s first ever official league game against Waelabo FC. 

APRIL 22 – Today the team received their new shirts. Next step is to eventually have the DX-World logo printed on them. The village chief sent this picture with the words:

We are so thankful because you brought new spirit, togetherness and happiness amongst the youths in my village.

Sasstown United with new football shirts sponsored by DX-World.

APRIL 14, 2021 – I’ve had an affection with Liberia ever since 2017. The people there are very nice, welcoming, happy and helpful. 

The first visit to Liberia in 2017 was of course not a great memory because the objective to activate AF-111(NEW) failed. Thankfully, the second visit proved fruitful and the new IOTA was activated (EL2EL/4).

It was during this second visit that a friendship was struck up with the village chief in Sasstown (the nearby village to Telengbe island). We often keep in contact via Facebook messenger, and when the plea for help to sponsor some football shirts for the local kids came through, I was very happy to help.

So, as of tonight, DX-World now sponsors Sasstown United Football Club in Liberia, West Africa! We look forward to seeing the DX-World logo on the kids’ new shirts soon, and wish them success as they try to conquer the football world!  🙂

Video below is of the team.

Col @ DX-World