NEWS UPDATE – GS5DX will be active on 20m during various times from October 24-27, 2021.



DX-World Radio Club was formed on September 18, 2019 with the principle aim of promoting DX-World – the world’s biggest and best FREE DX News Service for DXers and enthusiasts. 

So far, the following stations and operators have been active as we continue to trial the use of each callsign. 

  • G(S)5DX – Scotland – op: MM0NDX.
  • G(X)5DX – England – op: previously G3PXT and G4PVM. Get in touch
  • G(C)5DX – Wales – op: Get in touch
  • G(T)5DX – Isle of Man – op: Team activation 2022.
  • G(P)5DX – Guernsey – op: Team activation 2022.
  • G(H)5DX – Jersey – op: GJ6WRI.
  • G(N)5DX – Northern Ireland – op: Get in touch

Give a call to any of the active G(x)5DX callsigns on the bands and show your support for DX-World.

QSL manager for all UK G*5DX callsigns is David, EB7DX. LoTW and Club Log will be regularly uploaded.