Another week has passed. Therefore, another DX-World Quiz is ready. Good Luck or Bad Luck?!


#1. What was the two letter prefix used by Allied Forces in Greece?

#2. You have been operating as S65A. Where have you been?

#3. Which is more northerly ?

#4. Which DXpedition holds the world record for most CW QSOs?

#5. Which "Mega" DXpedition holds the record for most Satellite QSOs ?

#6. When was the first operation from Scarborough Reef

#7. Back in the day, you were active as FI8QQ. Where on Earth were you?

#8. Globally, what is the "Most Wanted" mainland African country?

#9. Which other DXCC entity previously used the VK9 prefix ?

#10. Which prefix has never been used?