Another week has passed. Therefore, another DX-World Quiz is ready. Will you pass or will you fail?!


#1. What was DX-World originally known as?

#2. Who writes the Weekly DX-World Bulletin?

#3. Which is closest to Easter Island (Rapa Nui) CE0/Y ?

#4. How many recognised DXpeditions (in total) within Europe have achieved 30,000 QSOs or more ?

#5. If you were operating as P91DX, where would you be?

#6. Having had 5 DXpeditions in total, which DXCC entity holds the record for most QSOs made. 

#7. If there's 327 DXpeditions listed in the GDXF Mega DXpeditions webpage as having made 30,000 QSOs or many QSOs combined?

#8. Which DXCC entity's national flag is the only one in the world to feature a sinking ship?

#9. How many IOTA, including external territories, does Australia VK have?

#10. Operating from the Pribilof Islands, what did KL7RA/P & KL7PJ/P try to achieve?


PS: Anyone else interested in compiling a DX Quiz? Drop a line here if you. 

PPS: Feedback welcome – will we continue with the Quiz or stop?