Bonus Quiz! We’re not taking a break from the next quiz after all ! Here’s the latest one for you. Probably another one next week, too 🙂


#1. Which flag is that of Kyrgyzstan, EX ?

#2. Where would you find Disappointment Islands?

#3. Which of the following does not appear in the DX Code of Conduct?

#4. Who wrote the The Complete DX'er ?

#5. You are operating as 6C6X. Where are you?

#6. How many IOTA groups within the country of France?

#7. Which is closest to Bermuda, VP9 ?

#8. Still a record today, how many QSOs did TX5K DXpedition make in one single day in 2013?

#9. According to Club Log, which is the least wanted European DXCC entity globally?

#10. How many combined QSOs in total between T32C, VP6DX & HK0NA ?