Latest DX-World quiz now available. Thanks this week to Gust, ON6KE who helped compile 50% of the questions. The next quiz will probably be in a few weeks, after a little break 🙂


#1. Revillagigedo uses the XF4 prefix, but where else would you find the Revillagigedo Islands?

#2. Which two DXCC entities were made Deleted Entities but later reinstated as DXCC current?

#3. The FCC can't issue callsigns for which US entity / territory?

#4. What was the prefix operators in Bophuthatswana used?

#5. In 1994, why was HK0/M Malpelo not approved for DXCC?

#6. In addition to Q3, the FCC can't issue callsigns for which other US entity / territory ?

#7. If you operated as FF8DX where would you have been located?

#8. What year was amateur radio banned in Turkmenistan, EZ?

#9. When was the last DXpedition to Pratas Island?

#10. Which is closest to VQ9, Diego Garcia?