The next Weekly DX-World Quiz is now available.


#1. Which DXpedition made the most ever QSOs on 20m, a record still lasting today

#2. How many QSOs did 3Y3CC (Bouvet) make in 1977?

#3. Blenheim Reef is a Deleted DXCC entity. Today it's partially submerged. Where is it?

#4. How many top 30 Most Wanted DXCC are not islands?

#5. ZD8 (Ascension) is closest to ... ?

#6. How many (QRV) DXpeditions (small or large) has there been to Bouvet?

#7. In total, how many DXpeditions have made 30,000 or more QSOs ?

#8. Prior to Covid-19, what was the last DXpedition to make more than 30,000 QSOs?

#9. Which is furthest from Nauru, C2 ?

#10. Globally, what is the Most Wanted European DXCC entity?


The quiz appears to be a favourite for many readers. However, next one will be in a few weeks (maybe sooner if somebody is willing to give up some of their free-time and help compile a few questions).