One month has passed already since the first DX-World Weekly quiz took place. All previous quizzes are found here.


#1. How many IOTA groups make up the Islands on the Air program?

#2. Which was the last activated NEW IOTA?

#3. Sadly, during which DXpedition did two German operators lose their lives?

#4. Which is furthest south?

#5. Which four DXCC entities feature a firearm on their national flag?

#6. What's the callsign of the radio amateur having 395 confirmed in Mixed and Phone DXCC ?

#7. You are QRV as 6S0DX. Where are you?

#8. Timor-Leste uses the prefix 4W nowadays. Which deleted DXCC entity used 4W previously?

#9. In 1916, station "8VX" in New York sent something to station "3TQ" in Philadelphia . What was it?

#10. Why was ZL9GD (Auckland Island) not approved by DXCC desk in 1995 ?


**A recent poll on twitter suggested the quiz should continue. Unfortunately, though, it might not continue for much longer as any input or help has been very limited, especially from operators who likely know a thing or two about historical DXCC happenings – such as those in the DXCC Challenge Award +3000 category – or those who author DX related books / material.  Your help really would be appreciated.

Thanks, in the meantime to Gust, ON6KE for his help.