The last quiz was 20 days ago, so here’s a new one. Pass mark still at 60% (you are allowed to get 4 wrong!).


#1. In order, the top 4 most wanted DXCC entities needed in AF are:

#2. How many Mega DXpeditions (30,000 QSOs or more) has I2YSB been on?

#3. You have been issued the callsign D51AA. Where are you?

#4. UA4WHX operated as T10VB - where was he?

#5. Despite never being part of the British Empire, which entity still bears the Union Jack in its top left corner?

#6. What is the most wanted SA entity in South America?

#7. As of May 22nd, how many licensed JA amateur radio operators?

#8. Globally, which one of these four entities is Most Wanted?

#9. How many IOTA groups in total does Cambodia have?

#10. Which IOTA group does this island belong to?


The next quiz will be a combination of questions from the previous 29 quizzes and will run to 30 questions.