Here’s another DX Quiz painstakingly created by MM0NDX 😀

This time the quiz is heavily influenced by Club Log so there’s a helpful clue. Pass-mark is still unchanged at 60% – and will remain so until improvement is made by some.  😛


#1. In order, the top 4 most wanted DXCC entities in AS are:

#2. Outside the top 50 for EU but inside the top 5 for OC - which entity?

#3. Which of the following DXpeditions had VK9NS as team member ?

#4. To the nearest, how many QSOs combined did 7Q7RU, A25RU & C92RU make?

#5. In all of NA, what's the most wanted EU DXCC entity (outwith SV/A)

#6. UA4WHX operated as O19VB - where was he?

#7. Which flag is that of Equatorial Guinea ?

#8. What is the most wanted AF entity in Africa?

#9. Apart from SV/A, what is the most wanted EU DXCC entity globally ?

#10. In order, the last four Mega DXpeditions (30,000 QSOs or more) added to the Honor Roll are:


PS: Quiz #30 in a few weeks’ time will be 30 questions collated from the previous 29 quizzes.