We haven’t had a DX Quiz for about 5 weeks so here’s the next, long overdue one for you. Pass mark still 60%. Good luck ! 


#1. Currently, according to Club Log, which of these four is the most wanted entity?

#2. How many years in a row has P5 been top of the most wanted list?

#3. Three of the four most wanted North American IOTA are within the same entity. Which one?

#4. In 2011 it was the 5th most wanted DXCC entity. 10 years later it lies just outside the top 40. Which entity ?

#5. In the past 28 days, how many people have "been reached" via the DX-World Facebook page?

#6. Although this prefix block has never been used, which country is entitled to use the series 3H to 3U ?

#7. Which of the following island DXCC entities has been hit by more severe hurricanes in the last 150 years than any other ?

#8. How many IOTA groups belong to Tonga ?

#9. How many mega DXpeditions have taken place from Wake island?

#10. Not accepted by DXCC, how many QSOs did P5RS7 (somewhere near N.Korea) expedition make in 1992?


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