The final DX-World Quiz of the week is here! Questions are becoming more difficult to find and I need a break 😀

Since last Sunday there’s been a quiz every day = 100 questions. In fact, since we started the DX-World Quiz feature, there’s been 265 DX-related questions (25 during the Xmas special) so that’s probably enough for a while. 

You can search back any of them or try again here.


#1. After which DXpedition was the book "DXpeditioning Behind the Scenes" written?

#2. PJ4 (Bonaire) fell 110 places in the DXCC most wanted listed over a 10 year period, which (2nd place) entity fell 105 places over same time?

#3. Which entity over a 10 year period (to present day) has risen just over 100 places and is now in top 100 most wanted DXCC?

#4. Which is the least wanted island DXCC entity ?

#5. Which flag belongs to an Asian entity ?

#6. How old is DX-World this year?

#7. How many IOTA groups in Alaska ?

#8. When did LoTW begin?

#9. Which QSL manager looks after the folllowing callsigns: K1N, K5D, HK0NA, TX5K

#10. Which African DXpedition has made the most Digital QSOs?